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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Good Bye and God Bless!

Well, I was going to wait until I was rested and had my housework caught up before I posted again, but it's 2.5 weeks later, and I've finally figured out that I won't be catching up on anything for quite some time!

We have a wonderful, beautiful, lively, bright daughter and we could not be more proud of how well she is adjusting. Big Brother Toby is doing very well, too, and is loving first grade ("except for the math and reading and writing part" - such a boy!). He's missing his time alone with me, which used to consist of days on end, and is now pretty much limited to the time after Talia is asleep and before he goes to bed (about 45 minutes). I tell him we can have time alone together when Dad is home, but of course he wants to spend time alone with Dad then. I tell him things will get easier pretty soon, and that I'm proud he is such a good big brother. Story: We were at the play area at the mall the other day. Talia wanted to sit in the little car and watch the other kids for awhile. A boy about 5 years old tried to push her out of the car. Toby was there in an instant, and I don't know what he said to the boy, but without touching him, Toby had him moving away quickly. Go Big Brother!

Let's see... Talia's vocabulary increases every day, although most of her English is spoken in a way that only immediate family can understand. However, her pronounciation improves daily as well. I just put her down for a nap, and her last words before sleep were "Mama, yuck!" Not, of course, insinuating that I was yuck, but offering her finger to me to clean off what she had found in her nose (ahh, the joys of motherhood ;) ). Her most common words: more, eat, Mama (said altogether). She can say: Mama, Baba, Talia, Toby, eat, drink, potty, more, all done, up, no, thank you, please, good girl, yuck. What more does a girl need? Oh yeah, I'm still working on "Shopping, please, Mama!", although she certainly does like to shop! My cousin Heather and her family sent Talia a purse, complete with keys, debit card, cell phone, mirror, lipstick, etc. (oh yeah, it's in the picture!). She won't get in the car without it! She gets out her keys before we leave the house, then digs frantically for her debit card when we get to a check out. If I happen to get a call, she must get out her phone as well. She's such a girl, I love it! Oh, and she has a shoe fetish, and wants to dress Toby (which drives him nuts "I can dress myself!"), is drawn to the color pink, and we're having SO MUCH FUN!!

As for motor skills, her fine motor skills are great, i.e. picking up small objects, feeding herself, etc. Her gross motor skills are better than I expected: She doesn't like uneven ground like grass, but is getting better. She's taken a couple headers on our steep driveway. But at the park, she can climb up the slides as well as the steps, and is pretty much fearless!

Of course she's not always the sweet little angel. She is a very typical 2-year-old. She throws the occasional fit, screaming and kicking her feet, usually connected with my not feeding her a third breakfast or another cookie, or not picking her up when we're doing something with Toby for a few minutes. She scratches at Toby if he ignores her. She still says she has to go potty when she's bored or wants our full attention, then laughs and shakes her head when we get to the toilet. I'd be worried if she didn't do these sorts of things, I just take them as indications that she's comfortable enough with us to be naughty sometimes.

Physically, she has had one good ol' American cold. She has gained 2 pounds, I think, and has quite the belly, although we found out today that she brought giardia with her from the orphanage, so once we clear that up (about 5 days from now), we'll see if some of that belly is bloating. Of course, the way she eats, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see any change! We'll slowly work her into a more normal eating pattern, but for now, we just keep the snacks healthy and don't stress about it. Her pediatrician couldn't hear a heart murmer, yea, but we're still taking her to the pediatric cardiologist the first week of October, to see if she still has a PFO, and if so, whether we should do anything about it.

This will probably be my last post. I've been so surprised to hear how many people have been reading this blog! Thank you all so much for your interest and support. If you or someone you know ever wants more info on adopting from China, I'd be more than happy to share our experiences. We thank God every day for our amazing blessing in Talia. Our family is complete, and that empty place in my heart is filled.

God Bless You All,
Sandy, Mike, Toby and Talia


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